Las Vegas – March 2011

Viva Las Vegas! What a fantastic never-ending city! Let me start by saying that 3 days in Vegas is like an eye blink. We flew in on a chilly day during a freakish cold front. We stayed at the Mirage. I was thoroughly impressed with the gorgeous hotel and even more with the giant rooftop hot tub. We don’t gamble, mostly because neither of us are any good at it, but we did spend some time at the slots. We quickly lost $40 and decided to sight see instead. We saw the show “Bite.” It’s an interesting musical vampire themed show that is worth your time. Then we saw “Zumanity” the Cirque de Soleil adult themed show. It was mind blowing. At the time I was a vegetarian and I was impressed with how many food options Vegas had for me. The last day of our trip we just walked up and down the strip, enjoying the scenery and odd locals.There was a silver robot-man, just like the movies, as well as superheroes just walking down the strip. And I will never forget the guys selling water on the street shouting “Water water! $1! Water water!” There are plenty of boozy drinks, helpful cabs and people watching to go around. For being a city that parties so hard, it was an incredibly laid back trip!

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