Our Texas Road Trip – Aug 2015

We took a 900 mile road trip from San Antonio to El Paso. What an epic journey! From the start, the only plan was not to plan so we were pretty spontaneous the entire trip. We started in San Antonio and spent a evening at The Block food truck  park and then the Riverwalk, where we got to see the Alamo. We started early the next day to head out to Big Bend National Park. We stopped at silly roadside attractions on the way including Texas’ Stonehenge, Easter Island Head guys, and the largest roadrunner.

Our first real stop was the Big Bend Brewing Company where we took a beer tour and explored Alpine, TX. We spent our first night in Terlingua next to the Starlight theater. We lucked out on a room, since it was the Annual Terlingua Musical Festival we were turned away a few times before we landed the best hotel in the tiny ghost town. We scoped out the ghost town the next morning and came across a gorgeous abandoned cemetery.

From there we headed out to Big Bend and visited the Hot Springs (purchased illegal Mexican made trinkets), made new friends, laid around in the Rio Grande, camped under the stars, and took a day trip to Boquillas, Mexico.  We rode donkeys into the tiny solar powered Mexican town and drank tequila until they ran out. Other shenanigans may have ensued. We were detained by border patrol for about an hour.

Camping ending up being extremely hot since it was over 110 degrees outside-  so we moved to cooler ground and spent a night in a cottage in the Chisos Mountain Basin. We went off-roadin’ in Big Bend and went to see the Santa Elena Canyon before we got on the road for Marfa, TX.

We stayed at the coolest, hippie camping ground, El Cosmico! We enjoyed some lazy touristy days there including seeing Prada Marfa and the Marfa lights. We walked around town and grilled in the communal kitchen with other El Cosmico residents.

The last day of our trip was a 3 hour drive to El Paso, where we learned that the Mexican city  that bordered El Paso was once the “Murder Capital of the World!” but has been working hard to clean up its act and now is marginally safer. I wanted to do a day trip into it, but we ran out of time before we flew home.


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