Bush Gardens – Tampa – March 2006

One of the first trips my husband Justin and I took was an adventure to Bush Gardens in Tampa, Florida. We went with his folks and little sister. It was my first time to this theme park and to the city of Tampa, but not my last. A few tips, drink a lot of water! It is super hot, even in March.Wear lots of sunscreen and comfy shoes.

There is a great roller-coaster called SheiKra, we rode a few times. It is incredibly scary because you drop at a 90′ angle! They have a few other coasters, but this one was my favorite. They had a beautiful Egypt theme to the park. We got to see some fake mummies and pyramids. Bush Gardens also boasts a fantastic zoo with a great assortment of wild animals. The big cats were up close and personal. Fun Fact: I love animals! All animals from bugs to elephants. I am a card carrying member of the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Whenever I am in a new place I love to see the local zoos or aquariums, so while we were in Tampa we also stopped by the Florida Aquarium. One of the best I have been to. It is massive and interactive. There is even a place where you can walk around an open terrarium with  live birds and fish in a semi-natural environment.

Tampa is a gorgeous city with lots to see. There are some awesome restaurants to choose from and the white sandy beaches nearby are worth the drive. The only thing that was kind of lame during our whole trip was the motel we stayed at. I am normally a fan of the el-cheapo motels, we stayed at the Super 8, but this one was just awful. Paper thin walls, moldy smell and questionable cleanliness. We had a league of middle school softball players upstairs and heard every thing they did. So cough up some extra bucks and stay at a nicer hotel here.

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