New Orleans – May 2014

“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.”                                                                          ― Tennessee Williams

New Orleans is like a dream city, gorgeous art, music and architecture; culture beyond measure and then endless samples food and drink. We stayed at the Blake Hotel which is just minutes from the French Quarter. We lived in Jacksonville and met friends who lived in San Antonio TX at the time and New Orleans was a perfect middle ground. We each drove there, about 10+ hours from home.

While in New Orleans we took in all the city sights, just walking around is glorious. New Orleans has an open beverage ordinance so you can actually walk the city while drinking! We shopped in the French Quarter Market and took the trolley around town. I got a little voodoo doll from one of the vendors and named him “Steve.” We ate the biggest, juiciest oysters I have ever had. And being from Florida, that is really saying something. We also had some of the most amazing creole food! And Beignets! They are little hot yeast balls with powdered sugar, sounds simple but tastes like heaven. The first night we were there we were lucky enough to run into the filming of “Terminator 3.” We didn’t see Arnold but we did see the 2 guys who played cops in the beginning of the movie!

The next day was more sight seeing and day drinking, starting off with some of the best bloody Marys I have ever had! We did a ghost tour that night and got to see the home of the LaLauries. Which was also purchased by Nicolas Cage. It was made famous by American Horror Story. We heard the fascinating tale of Marie LaVeau. I adore hearing the history of the Voodoo Queen! So exciting. We also met some real characters including a musical hobo and a very flamboyant bartender. But my favorite was the tour guide who was a history major and didn’t believe in ghost, but admitted to seeing some wildly unbelievable things walking this haunted city at night.

New Orleans is a city unlike any other and I highly recommend it for a vacation destination. It is in my top 5 favorite places to go!

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