Payne’s Prairie Preserve – Jan 2015

Have you seen the movie Knights of Badassdom or Role Models? Have you seen or been LARP-ing? (Live Action Role Play) Are you just a nerd? Well then Hoggetowne Medieval Faire is for you!  Once a year, in Gainesville, FL the medieval faire comes to town.

We decided to go camping at the nearby Payne’s Prairie Preserve and during the day we went to the faire and enjoyed the music, jousting, food and beer and of course, the cosplay! We also got to ride an elephant mount. She was darling really! Then we got to watch the king and queen honor the knight who won the joust. Such a fun, nerdy time.

At night we decided to go to a nearby farm that was having a special comet show. There was a meteor shower that night. They had hot cocoa and live music. The park was a nightmare, but the overall field of hippies, cocoa and stars was nice. It was FREEZING (ok it’s Florida so 50-40’s is freezing to us) so we all huddled around the tiny fire for warmth.

Back at camp we grilled up some steaks and then the next morning we had leftover steak and eggs before driving back to Jacksonville.   If you find yourself in need of some good old fashion geekery, this is a trip for you.

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