Blue Ridge – Ellijay Georgia – Jan 2013

Being a horror movie enthusiast I was certain I was going to murdered by an escape serial killer or a zombie-murder family (because CABIN IN THE WOODS!) But I was pleasantly surprised (and slightly disappointed) that all Blue Ridge offered was endless quiet, serenity and peace. The gentle wind blew my mind as we hiked the tree covered mountains and discovered natural water falls. This Florida gal was not expecting mountains to be so mountainous. My legs were killing me after the first day of trails. Luckily my cabin came equipped with a luxurious and heavily chlorinated hot tub. We ended day 1 cuddled up by the fire playing board games.

Day 2 we hiked some more! And then we went and explored Ellijay, the closest city to our non-murder cabin. We found Ellijay to be a quaint town but also, a dry county. That means they don’t have alcohol. So we drove a little farther to Blue Ridge and found the local Blue Ridge Brewery! We met some nice locals who invited us to their cabin. Despite how crazy it sounds, we actually went with them. Their home was on a super steep mountain cliff and the road had not been paved yet as it was still under construction. Our tiny Honda Civic almost slipped off the edge as we approached their cabin. Fortunately we did not fall down the mountain! We had drinks and they told us all about the city of Blue Ridge and a brief history of the area. They told us “America’s Favorite Drive,” was constructed to connect the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina beginning in 1935. IT was a fun night.

Our last day we visited the antique shops in the day. We saw the Red Man tobacco mural and I was instantly reminded of my dad who loved to dip. We passed a creepy sign that said, “The Forest Has Eyes” and suddenly I was reminded of the horror movie vibe I had when first arrived. The serial killers would wait till the last day wouldn’t they? We visited the Swan drive-in movie theater at night. It snowed ever so gently as we watched a James Bond flick, Quantum of Solice. We had the eloquent meal of nachos and popcorn. I have never been to a drive-in before or since and it was truly a unique experience. The gentle snow and We came home and relaxed in the hot tub again. Overall a quiet trip with beautiful mountains, friendly locals and I didn’t get murdered by any serial killers!

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