Moving Day is Moving Up!

It has been an unfortunate amount of time since I have updated this travel blog! But that is because things have been so crazy! We are moving a lot sooner than we originally anticipated! We are moving August 27th!!


That’s right! And No, I have never been to Seattle. I have never even been to Washington. I am thrilled to start this epic adventure! We are visiting friends and family in Atlanta and NY. and a brief stop in Washington DC, then we are going straight across to our new home in Auburn, WA. I will be working in North Seattle, near the Ballard area. I cannot wait to explore the areas!

Since we are leaving both of our families, we decided to do some things on our To Do List here in Jacksonville. One of them was to get a tattoo with my “sister.” We grew up together and both loved David Bowie and The Labyrinth. So we got matching tattoos of one of my favorite quotes from the movie. “My will is as strong as yours. And my Kingdom is as great. You have no power over me.” courtesy of Cassie at Duval Ink.

Next up, this Sunday we will have a big Farewell Party at Aardwolf Brewery! I will add some photos from the party and then we will hit the road!

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