Farewell Jacksonville, Florida!

Well the time finally came for us to bid farewell to our childhood home. It was very bittersweet. Part of me was sad to leave friends and family, part of me knew I would miss the vast blue skies and salty Atlantic ocean. But the call of adventure is just too great. So we started the trip! We had a great Going Away Party and raffled off most of our possessions. We packed up what was left into our cars, shipped my husband’s car to Auburn, WA and started our drive! We left Jacksonville after breakfast with the folks, headed up to outskirts of Atlanta, GA and met with family, then went to visit friends who took us to TacoMac which was super cool. We crashed in Atlanta overnight and then the we drove through “South of the Border” between North and South Carolina, and all the way to Washington, DC. Despite being avid vacationers, neither of us had ever been north of DC before. So here are some photos of our journey, including a cool covered bridge, a giant Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox and then, of course, all the cheesy deliciousness that is “South of the Border.”

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